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“So if we are going to be driven by tourism, then we should be capitalizing on that.” In recent years, the city has established designated parking spots for motor coaches along select city streets near the downtown tourist area. One of the most convenient spots is a stretch of 2nd Street, between Niagara Street and Main Street. It’s only a few blocks from the park entrance, is wide enough for motor coach parking on both sides, and devoid of any homes or businesses. However, on a recent day when the visitor trade seemed to be bustling, it was also devoid of buses. Instead, several motor coach drivers had parked their vehicles a short distance further along Rainbow Boulevard, where they can park for free. Niagara Street, between 4th Street and John Daly Boulevard, had also been a favorite free spot for drivers to wait to pick up their charges, until recently when the city installed a pay station for the buses. Several streets have signs warning that no bus parking is allowed. But according to Kennedy, it seems that every time the city puts up a sign on one street telling buses they can’t park there, they find another where they can, keeping one step ahead of the city in what Kennedy refers to as “a game of parking spot roulette”. Kennedy says for a while now, the bus drivers have had upper hand in the gambit, largely in part because instead of forking over $50 to park legally, they could park illegally and get a ticket for only $25. “It made no sense,” Kennedy said. So now the city is upping the ante or, in this case, the fine.

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